Savings & Investments

Savings accounts include*:

Share accounts:

Required account for all members, with a minimum balance of $5 and a limited number of transfers. Dividends are paid quarterly. If quarterly statements are returned as undeliverable, a $10 per month inactive fee will be charged, until we receive an updated address, or the account drops below the minimum balance and is closed.

Daily share accounts:

No minimum balance. No limit on transfers. Dividends paid quarterly.

IRA accounts:

We offer Regular, Roth, and SEP IRAs and Coverdell Educations Savings Accounts (ESA). Minimum deposit on IRA/ESA shares is $10 and dividends are paid quarterly. We also offer an IRA Certificate option, with the same rates and minimum balances as our other CD's. There is an annual fee on all IRA/ESA accounts and a closing fee if the IRA is closed by transferring the money to another institution.

Money Market shares:

Minimum balance of $2,500, no limit on withdrawals as long as the balance remains above the minimum. Dividends are paid monthly.

Investments include:


Certificates with terms from 91 days to 30 months. Each has it's own minimum balance and interest rate as shown on the rate page.

*Checking accounts include:


No monthly service charge! No per check fee! No minimum balance on active accounts! Free on-line Bill-pay! Direct deposit, automatic withdrawals, and debit cards are also available. We also provide ACH (free) and Wire (small fee) services. Accounts with an average balance of $500 earn interest. Ask about our overdraft protection policy.

*See rate page for current rates and terms for savings and investments